I broke my camera, the whole lens smashed out of its housing. Derek the daring is great and said he will ask his friend to look at it and quote me a good price.

I'm starting on some cool trade projects. Trading tats for a custom painted matrioshka doll (Russian nesting doll) with Juan Mirage at H.O.D.. Possibly trading portrait painting of Derek's family for camera fixage or new camera. Still lagging behind on my website trade with Mike and now that my camera is broken it's going to slow things down a bunch more.

Does anyone know a good all-in-one printer? I hate mine, Epson Stylus RX620, it has an ink cartridge malfunction. It won't print, scan or copy if the black ink isn't at 100%. Lame! The best they can do for fixing it is send me refurbished ones of the same model, I'm on number 3.

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