tubes again

work in progress
detail of work in progress
I've been thinking a lot about Wayne Thiebaud, my painting teacher Amy Sudarsky and not caring when I paint. I'm trying to break out of micromanage mode and I think that if I can do that while painting objects as difficult to capture as tubes which are made of glass, metal and plastic while still making it look like glass, metal and plastic...I might be cured!
This is one of the biggest paintings I have ever done, definitely the longest. I'll have to measure it but the first picture should give a good idea of scale.


Samantha said...

Ohhh. I really like this.

oh and I like your name too!

shelby marie skumanich said...

i like this a whole lot. it's a lot looser and different and maybe a bit sexier than some of your other stuff but it's good. really good.

i think going in a direction of painting objects might be a good idea. i'd like to see one of the paintings with the plastic figures along side this, because i think they are related.

Sam Hamilton said...

sexy tubes! they are really phallic.