363 more days

No resolutions will be made here, maybe just a few attainable goals. I like this girl's ideas about resolutions. The holidays are over and I feel like I've run a marathon when really I have just been stuffing my face and sitting around reading Twilight, again (!).

Chris and I hosted a New Year's Eve party that was so much fun. Quiet with some good friends and nice conversation. A lot of people didn't make it out because of the weather so I feel like we need a redo.

This weekend I have plans to attack my paintings and try to loosen up a little more, so check back for reworked work. I'm also going to be entering a show for the spring at Impact gallery so I'll be gathering some older work together for that since it's got to be postmarked by the 17th. It would be nice to have at least one show on my resume!


1 comment:

HeySgay said...

Hey there!
Fancy seeing you on here!
Glad you like my drawrins :)
I certainly enjoy yours for sure.
You draw some mighty fine ladies.
And Zooey is pretty lovely..
I might have a girl crush on her.

How's NY treatin you and your lover?
Chris and I have finally moved ourselves back to Boston!
I just got down here... but he's been back since November.

I'm really bad about updating my blog..
Oh wait..
I've been really bad about drawing too!
I will get better though.
I'm excited to see you on here, I'll definitely add you to my contacts!!