technology in the disposable age.

Seriously, I love technology but I really hate the disposable-ness of things nowadays. Instead of getting both of my digital cameras fixed it's actually cheaper for me to just buy a new one, this is what the pimply faced Ritz Camera employee told me in the mall. I did some snooping because I just don't trust pimply faced Ritz Camera employees that are half my age (which would actually be 11 and 5/6ths) and are responsible for equipment that is exponentially more expensive than most things I own. Turns out that pimply kid was right!

So, thanks to our gloriously American economy going to hell in a hand basket Circuit City is closing and I got a brand freaking new Canon PowerShot Digital Elf. I love this camera, I know how to use it already so I don't have to read any manuals with tons of smiley/sad faces because it was made in an Asian country. Thanks AIB computer lab for buying these little point and shoots!

My favorite feature: all the different kinds of white balance options because I hate yellow-y whites from flourescent lighting! Also, the buttons have a really nice click-y sound because they're new AND it's chocolatey brown...mmmm. I would eat it but then I would have to buy another camera and if I make it to number 4 any time soon I will forbid myself to touch another digital camera without adult supervision.

New pictures to come soon!

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