art auction

Tonight at the Buffalo & Erie County History Museum this little guy is going to get auctioned off. Half the proceeds go to the Historical Society. Artists were asked to submit samples and chosen to participate. The artwork had to be themed around Buffalo, NY. To me Buffalo is a unique city in that it was razed around the blue collar worker. As a transplant from the much larger more urban city of Boston this was an extremely intrigueing quality that I wanted to explore. My painting is of a car man, actually my coworker's dad (thanks Mike & Amy!) he works on the railroads in the area. I'm sharing the honor with about 50 other artists so if you come down to the History Museum for 70 bucks you get food catered by Oliver's and a live auction experience.

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ETCIllustration said...

Yay, I love him! He kind of looks like a tan Jon Lovitz.