inching slowly forward

What do I have to say and why is it important? That's what I keep asking myself over and over. So, I took all the scribbles I've been making over the past few days and tried to form them into at least a loose ball.

My theme is broadening into female identity. Through the use of myself as a character with costumes, props and scenery I plan to visually narrate and explore my ideas on relationships and female identity within our American society.

I've begun to read some books on artmaking to help me feel supported and I plan to read books on feminist theory that have been suggested to me by my wonderful friends. I hope to have discussions through Facebook to gather ideas from a wide range of people to help inform me on where I stand.


Amy G. said...

That sounds great, Sam! I can't wait to see what you come up with! If you wanna get together and chat about this stuff, let me know! :)

Angela said...

Looking forward to what you come up with that expresses what you've learned with what you want to paint (those basic ideas and thoughts that led you on this journey).