Reliquaries & Keepsakes

I've always been really taken with religious artwork from The Reformation and Fourteenth and Fifteenth centuries but since I watched all of The Tudors on Netflix a few weeks ago it kind of kicked off a new level of obsession.  Which then turned into a bit of Jane Austen obsession as well, (two words: Mr. Darcy) damn you Netflix suggestions.  So, when I wanted to make a keepsake for  my wonderful man, Mark, who has flown south to Florida for the winter I painted a small self-portrait housed in a tiny reliquary so he doesn't forget the face of his true lady love. The little guy stands on it's own and also can be fastened shut with the twine and button.
7 3/4"x5", bookboard, book cloth, hand printed Japanese paper, oil on canvas, twine, found button

 Inspired by this marriage of my two loves; bookmaking and fine art painting. I have dived into a production of a lot more of these with various internal images. Here is a sneak peek of my desk as I'm working on the first set of four!

Until next time friends, namaste!


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful :)

shelby marie skumanich said...

Oh my goodness! This is so wonderful!