In lieu of my real website (coming soon!- thanks Mike Dolan) I decided to put up a sketch blog. I am doing things in B-lo, just very, very slowly. I'll try and be diligent in updating, friends should chastise me if I don't.

I have been working on tiny paintings of saints like these:

St. Catherine of Bologna- patron saint of artists.

St. Luke: patron saint of artists and crafstmen.

St. Roch: patron saint of surgeons and doctors.Sorry for the low quality photos, there isn't great light in our apartment. I'll try and post some better ones when they are all finished.



bodega cats said...

Is the last one St. Francis? I LOVE IT. I wanna get a tattoo of st. francis on me. but I haven't found a sweet picture of him without being all ugly and bald and monk-like. anyway, these are swell.

Sam Hamilton said...

no it's st. roch he's the patron saint of surgeons.

Unknown said...

What inspired you to paint saints? Is it because it rhymes?

shelby marie skumanich said...

these are lovely. i especially dig the first one and am secretly hoping that you do one of st. theresa.

Amandita said...

Sam! These are awesome. How can I get my paws on some?

Thoughts & Curiosities said...

I sorta look like St. Luke.. was I your inspiration?

Sam Hamilton said...

you have a way cuter nose.