Ok, So the past two weekends I have been traveling visiting family. Chris and I went to his grandmother's 85th surprise birthday party in Yonkers. Getting tattooed the night before and then sitting for a 7 hour train ride really wasn't the best of ideas. We had fun nana was surprised and then surprised again that we even came down from the far away land that is Western NY.

This weekend I am at my parent's house on LI hanging with the grandparents. They made a very rare trip up from sunny Florida. We spend Saturday bbq-ing with the extended fam up in Wappinger's Falls. I got to see my cousins whom I haven't seen in ages and both my uncles in one place AND my Aunt Mary Ann. Everyone looks great and we had a fun time. I especially love Aunt Mary Ann's 3 footed cat Tommy who is technically a girl after a necessary sex change operation. Don't worry he's happy with himself.

None of this has anything to do with art making but since I have had two weekends off I plan on getting back to it. I am working on stripping a piece of furniture which is taking up much of my free time as of late but I'll still try and squeeze some painting and posts.


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Unknown said...

Hey Sam,
Nice paintings. Can't wait to see them on your website.