Chris went to NYC last weekend and I occupied most of my time with cleaning the house and working way too late but I did get some painting in which was really nice and therapeutic. I don't know why but I get a block in my mind that tries to tell me painting is hard and not worth it but when I'm in it doing it, I'll stand at the easel for 4 hours at a time working. So I must enjoy it a little right? Stupid brains.

Anyway, because I am around myself all the time and the cat didn't want to sit still I did a small portrait last weekend. I tried not to focus on the details too much and just play around with the paint keeping the colors really simple. I've been obsessed with black, white, orange and red. The blue on the neck snuck in there somehow. I always seem to get pthalo blue, the most intense and stubborn color to get out of anything everywhere.

Oh well.

unrelated: In case you didn't know about it there is a really interested internet service called ChaCha. You can access it from your cell phone by texting the number 242-242. It's basically like a mobile Google for people with PDA's and Blackberries. I thought I would be really clever and ask how to get dry acrylic paint out of one of my nice shirts. The solution came back:

mix 2 tbsp ammonia
2 tbsp white vinegar
and 1 tbsp salt rub into paint until it's removed then soak in solution for at least an hour and wash

Do not use this method it will make your clothes smell like vinegar even after you've washed them about 3 times. Vinegar smells like pee, I now have a shirt and pair of pants that smell like pee. But I don't get down on ChaCha because they are pretty helpful for solving minor bets about pop culture.


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