new stuff

So much for updating frequently. Here is the invitation design for Mike and Ricki's wedding in it's original format, watercolor and ink on paper.

A more recent sketchbook image, colored pencil:

This is an image I sent in to a magazine contest this spring. The magazine is about Asian Americans in NYC. If you don't know about the Japanese trend of gothic lolita and sweet lolita style you should really check it out:

And also check out these Elvis fans in Japan: http://videos.howstuffworks.com/reuters/3000-japan-is-crazy-about-elvis-video.htm

I didn't win but I had fun researching and painting it, acrylics.

As you can see I'm all over the place with style, or so it seems to me. That's why I'm "developing communication". I've started oil painting again which is where I feel most confident and at home. For time purposes oil painting is out of question for me to use as a commercial illustration technique. So any suggestions on which style you think is more successful?


LMessecar said...

My favorite piece by far is the one you did about Asian Americans in NYC. I love the style, and it looks really polished and confident to me. Have you tried using a drying medium with your oils? If you use Liquin, the paint will dry much faster. But your acrylics look really good, so if that works for you, stick with it!

Sam Hamilton said...

thank you, thank you! for the advice and the compliments.

shelby marie skumanich said...

i was always a big fan of your oil stuff. not that i didn't like the water color but the way they came out and their precise-ness always echoed this vague idea of you going "i really like this."