I don't know if any of you have cats but they can be really cute and then turn into the hell beasts they are spawned from. Last night I woke up at about 4 am to what I thought was Lola fraping
(Frantic Random Acts of Play -ing). She was making more noise than usual so I got up to check and make sure she wasn't committing kitty suicide. I found her under the futon growling with a mouse in her mouth. My cat is a vicious killer but not only a vicious killer, cold, calculating and cruel! What if I'm next?

She stayed this way for about a half hour until the mouse was dead from fear most likely. She seemed really intent on playing with her new dead friend so I crawled back into bed. Of course I was almost drifting back into fluffy dreamland when Lola jumps on my bed and starts to wiggle around. I turn on the light and yea, she brought the dead mouse in bed, thanks girl.

No camera still so no picures but I drew sketches. To be posted later along with some other drawings.

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