So, I was going to enter this poster contest for the Working Families Party (you can win $1,000) but I am ditzy and thought for sure the deadline was in November...nope it was yesterday. But, I figured just to teach myself a lesson I would do the poster anyway knowing all my labors would not even have the chance of getting $1,000. It's good to practice designering anyway.

Working Families Party is all about blue collar America (sooo Proletariat right?) that's why I did the sort of Communist/Army/Sun Maid raisin-y type thing. I don't really know if it works to be honest but it was nice to do something graphic and sort of easy. I had some other ideas so I might explore them but to be honest they are all circling around the same theme.

You tell me, do you want to go out and vote for Obama now? I do.


Amandita said...

You know I'm voting guurrrl. Love your idea.

shelby marie skumanich said...

i dig the idea of borrowing from communist propaganda posters a lot. the theme and the idea is really great and the colors are fabulous. using off-white in the logo is a good idea, since it makes it fit with the design a lot better.

my criticisms are the type at the top and getting the logo to fit in with the colors of the poster. i think "plant" needs to take up more room and "the" needs to be less prominent so that it makes more sense visually and reads easier. i was also thinking making the dirt a little redder so that it and the logo hang are bit more harmonious.

otherwise, it's a really smart idea. you probably weren't expecting a critique but i thought i'd put in my two cents. something to think about, i suppose.

also, i fixed your blog name in the links on mine. hooray!

Unknown said...

i want to go find my backup plan patch now