christmas present

Aside from my new slowcooker <3, cast iron skillets, thermal shirts, sweaters and socks I got a sweet little travel set of Reeves watercolors. I tried them out on this little number and they are quite fun, totally pocket size and once you get them nice and saturated have a consistency as good as any cake watercolor set.

I cringe to ask this question but: too Thomas Kinkade-y do you think?


ETCIllustration said...

Well, I didn't want to puke when I looked at it, so not too Kinkade-y.

Good to see you updating the blog! Nice work!

Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

I don't think so, it's like a little field study!
Also, I think there are some things we should never have to apologize for - like our sketchbooks and things we make that are just fun. I like it! I want pocket sized watercolors!

Adorism said...

Not Kinkadey at all

Amy G. said...

Oh my gosh, not at all. Not even close. Yours is far superior, very, very well done. It makes me twitchy in a good way!

Angela said...

I don't believe this is Thomas Kinkade in style or subject matter at all. I do agree with Amanda, it's a really great field study. I love the line work and I hope you do more of these!