Had some thoughts about my project that I thought I would share with you all. Input requested!

Recently while drawing I considered something: merging my two loves! I love to craft things and I love to paint but one always seems to get in the way of the other, usually the crafting in the way of painting. So, I thought why can't I do both? The images I've been sketching and playing around with center around the facade that women create for themselves in order to fit into the social construct of femininity, why can't I create all of my props and backgrounds to push this idea further? I plan on painting collecting and fabricating all of the necessary objects that will be in my paintings. Starting with a backdrop of a forest scene, which will be referenced from another of my favorite things: historical paintings. I plan to sit in front of this backdrop in my peacock costume and mask illustrating the idea how women 'peacock' very visually to get attention. (Ironically, if you've ever read 'The Game' a book about male pickup artists the term 'peacocking' refers to a pickup artist wearing something ridiculous in order to gain female attention i.e. cowboy hats, lots of jewelry, crazy shirts, leather pants, etc. all at the same time.)

I need to do some more research on peacocks, they're mating habits and also figure out how far I'd like to take the idea of looking like a peacock. I always wanted to make some wings for my costume (something I made 2 years ago for Halloween). I also kind of like the idea of adding in elements of how women 'peacock' like pushup bras, high heels, makeup and such but I don't want to look whore-y. BUT maybe that's the idea that I would have to push to the limit of looking so sexually heightened that would illustrate the ridiculous levels that women go to in order to gain attention from potential partners.

If anyone wants to go thrifting so I can gather some objects in order to start working on these things let me know. Thanks to Shelby for the peacock mask, Jon Eisenberg for letting me read 'The Game' and Jody for constantly reminding me that crafting gets in the way of my making art, now it will be a part of it!

On another note if anyone has a really good winter beanie hat knit pattern please send it to me, I can't find one!


Amanda Laurel Atkins said...

Sam, I think this is great. I do think we use our own creations as a form of "peacocking," at least I know that to some degree I do. Especially once one gets thrown into an artistic world - it kind of becomes necessary to continually out-do yourself and prove what you possess. This is something that I struggle with - once a guy becomes attracted to me, I usually feel that it's because of my creativity and thoughts and I kind of feel like a muse figure, and then I have to upkeep that image. And it usually makes me just end up feeling burned out. I struggle with the line between being loved for who I am and what I am.

Amy G. said...

That sounds really great, Samantha. I have a similar problem that I am also on my way to solving... incorporating patterns and colors inspired by antique quilts into my painting. I still don't have the particulars, but that is my latest thing. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Angela said...

This all sounds great Sam! I think I like the idea of pushing the "whoreish" look so far that it looks ridiculous...sort of like how ridiculous a man in leather pants, cowboy boots, and tons of jewelry would look. haha. Seriously though, I think if you adorned yourself in all those elements women accesorize with to accentuate features, it would push it out of the element of whoreish and into the realm of ridiculous...maybe not in a comical way, but just making each element apparent. Maybe it would be interesting to see the mask and tail feathers....but I can't envision wings....do you still want to look like a woman? or do you want to mesh more into a bird? Maybe an interesting element to consider is corseting...something that was once a part of every woman's outfit that has now seemed to move into the realm of being sexually heightened....gotta get the perfect waist line!