ricky jr.

A really horrible thing happened at the restaurant where I work this past winter, a friend of mine was shot and killed. It was a traumatic event for everyone at the place because we are small and all of us were more or less are friends. A lot of people left and many changes have happened since this event.

Not that Ricky and I were really tight but he was a sweet kid and I always loved seeing his face in the kitchen when I came into work. He always had a joke, a smile and a wink for all of us (especially the girls). His wonderful family misses him so much and the only thing I could think to give them was a portrait of their son and brother. So, finally finished months and months later:

It was framed by the awesome dudes at Avenue Art and Frame on Delaware Ave. The photo doesn't do the frame justice, the painting is floated and it's a beautiful gold tone with markings that match the markings in the back.

The family seemed to love it, it's no replacement for their loss but I hope it gives them comfort.


Angela said...

I really love this painting! I am digging the background, and the colors are fantastic. The scarf is one of my favorite parts (next to the background) because despite it being such a dense pattern, it doesn't detract from the rest of the image. The floating frame was a fantastic choice. I have no doubt the family really appreciated this, it's very kind/thoughtful of you.

HeySgay said...

So sorry to hear about your friend.
Even if you weren't especially tight, it is always difficult seeing someone young die.

This is a lovely painting
The detail in the scarf is incredible!