new painting

Just started this painting, one layer down now I will begin to push and pull areas of highlight and shadow. This is one of my ideas in my series of paintings called 'Beasts of Burden'. Inspired by the Rolling Stones and Hieronymus Bosch I'm thinking about animals of carrion, women, beasts, melding the two together. How we are pieces of what we carry around with us regrets, questions and the burden of living life and loving. It's the first idea I have felt passionate about since I left school and I hope to see it through. I already have another painting that is mostly done but no one can see until it's finished!

Critiques and questions welcome, please remember though it's only the first layer and there is no light source I am playing with metaphor and theme with this one. Most likely this is just a study for a larger work on the same idea.

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Sun Wukong said...

I love seeing the progressions of the piece. From paper to canvas I look forward to seeing more.