New Year, New Post

This year I'm buckling down and starting to actually work. I've painted more this year than last already, win. These are two paintings I'm working on for the same body of work. Trying to navigate through the details of large scale portrait painting is interesting and a struggle but I'm learning a lot by making a lot of mistakes.

*These are unfinished and really quick photos.

2' x4'

14" x 18"


ETCIllustration said...

It's great to see you working on ambitious projects again! I've been totally into pattern lately, so this may come from a biased place, but I love the pattern behind the standing portrait. I love how a complicated-- but rhythmic--background can make the simple, bold shapes in the foreground really POP! Great work; looking forward to seeing how these progress.

shelby marie skumanich said...

Oh shit Sam, these are fucking fantastic. I adore the head to toe portrait. The way the body is posed is both really powerful and graceful and I love the jutaxposition of the lamp. I dig the use of the feathers as masks in both of them. So wonderful! I can imagine they are twice as gorgeous in person.