*Furniture For Sale*

Since I'm poor I'm selling a bunch of my stuff to raise funds for art supplies and also trying to make room for my new fancy acetic lifestyle. So check out my listings on Craigslist if only for the humorous copy ala this dude who was the inspiration for my cavalier attitude, besides that I know I have really nice furniture that pretty much sells itself.

(Come on CL sellers let's spice things up a little bit if you're going to sell that worn out 80's kitchen dinette with chrome details at least entertain your readers.)

Here are the links and also a guide in case you aren't sure if you could use any of my awesome stuff:

If your floor and feet are cold you need a: RUG
If you're standing a lot you probably need: BAR STOOLS
If you're cutting carrots on a cutting board across the sink you probably need a: KITCHEN CART
If all your books, movies and 8-tracks are still in boxes you probably need: BOOKCASES

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