Pattern & Paper

For my most recent group of book forms for Etsy I couldn't find the right kind of pattern for my end paper so I patterned and hand painted it myself.  It took for-ev-er but it was worth it! Hopefully, as time progresses and I begin to have some small success with my store I will be able to work more and more independently of store bought products. I aspire to be completely self sufficient as far as making my own papers for decorative and drawing purposes. I have a vision of  studio with pulp and screens, drying racks and presses (my inner artist is drooling).

the beginnings of my pattern, post gridded
all finished, sorry for the halo effect. the pencil guidelines reflected in the light of the flash.
brand new 6
end papers

All the end papers are completely different because they were cut from the larger patterned sheet. It was really awesome pairing them up with their drawing counterparts, almost like a design puzzle.

I'm really looking forward to doing more pattern experimenting for my creations so I don't have to rely on the mass marketed patterns in art stores. I try to stick with handmade papers usually from Tibet which I find have the most subtle and beautiful textures and patterns.

Check my Etsy listings to see these guys all set up. Thanks for looking!

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