Hand of Glory & 6

I created 6 more book forms for my Etsy shop. This time I used the paper that I hand patterned from my previous post for my end paper and I think it really is just what this series needed. My favorite piece out of this series is my Harry Potter inspired reliquary!

 image size: 3.5"x 5" total size approx. 7"x 5"

In the Chamber of Secrets Harry follows Draco into Borgin and Burkes and encounters the Hand of Glory, a severed, mummified hand that is said to give light only its beholder. A favorite talisman for thieves and other persons of shady reputation Draco uses it to escape the Room of Requirement after using Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder. (Haven't seen it? What are you waiting for!) So, enamored as I am with the hamsa symbol I merged the two together to create one creepy image.

Hand of Glory
A few more from my new series, see the rest at my Etsy store: Samskrits

 I've been working with a lot of neutrals, blacks and browns. I did this to keep everything simple at first, not sure where I would want to go after I made the first few book forms. Now that I've made a good amount I think it's time I move forward with some color!

Also, my themes will be expanding, I am (obviously) very interested in the spiritual, symbols, charms and iconography of religions and cultures. I will continue to explore this genre but spiraling out to include more of the occult and mysteries and also some main stream things. I have some really great plans for my next couple of series and I can't wait to share them with everyone!

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