I curated my first Etsy Treasury list today!  I really love seeing what people are crafting, finding, re-purposing and sharing within the Etsy community.

I  love the color gray (grey?) and I use it often in my color palettes and especially in my wardrobe which consists mostly of black, gray and brown. I would like to blame this on working in the service industry but I actually just really love neutral tones.

I picked gray as my unifier because it gave me such a broad range of items to look through. It's also the first thing I think of when I want to describe the fast approaching winter. I love the cold colors of the sky, the crispness in the air and the quiet whiteness of the first snow.

Most of the things I picked remind me of winter or they're just really beautiful and I covet them, the holidays approach nearer my friends (hint). My favorite thing I added was 'one gray hair', someone actually is selling this...AMAZING! How could I NOT add this to my list? I beseech you, I had no choice.

Here are a few items and a link to my curated Treasury: Soft Grey Winter

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