Haste Makes Waste

Being an artist it's unavoidable that you will make waste, I have so many little pieces of scrap paper, bits and bobs, odds and ends. I love being able to conserve it all and put them together as little beautiful Frankensteins. Sometimes I think they come out better than my conceived and executed ideas!

Illuminati Enneagram
 The enneagram is a symbol that represents the up and downs of life. Encompassed by the circle, life goes cyclically and in a constant wave of ups and downs, without the down times we wouldn't appreciate the times we are blessed with abundance, security and comfort.

This particular image is quite personal to me. The bleeding all-seeing eye of the Illuminati stares out from within the ups and downs of life, the blood dripping onto a fully blossoming rose. Someone was taken from me just as I was coming into myself as a person and being catapulted into accepting this loss I clearly saw both myself and the natural cycle of life, it's hard, frustrating, trying but we move onward and in its ugly times; there is beauty.

Star of David

From something heavy to something pure pattern and getting lost in the details. I get so caught up in the line work and pattern, it's euphoric and meditative to noodle away at it. I was inspired by the rose windows of Catholic churches, mandalas and the beauty in symmetry.

P.S. made my first Etsy sale and I can't say how elated I am! :0)

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ETCIllustration said...

Dude. Your Star of David is gorgeous. Seriously, well done.