Wolf & Sheep

It happens less than I'd like to admit but sometimes I get wrapped up into a beautifully creative mood. Where everything I touch comes together just as I had hoped, words, colors, shapes pour from me and it feels like I'm channeling some unknown muse/genius; the vehicle for their expression.

It happened while I was away in Sarasota very, very late at night while I was trying to work out some emotions. This little thing was born:

I haven't written any prose in such a long time and this just flowed from me, it was very satisfying. The more I read it and want to add to it the more I see how it is expressing very deep emotions from within. Here it is typed out to be read more easily:

This sheep in wolf's clothing. 
This skin will protect me.This fur will keep me warm/
These claws will defend me, keep me alive until dawn.
In the forest I will hunt you.
Through the trees I will speed/
Gaining faster ever closer, the space in between.
My desire growing stronger, my manners more weak/
Hunger deepens, but my resolve is meek.

I'm considering adding another stanza but of course the genius has left me so maybe when I am inspired with the Divine Creative presence again I will go back to it.

Watch this fantastic TED talk about genius by Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat Pray Love, she is adorably endearing and funny.

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