Ritual & Sacrifice

I am welcoming the New Year and with it so many many exciting possibilities and projects! I had a wonderful few days off with my lovely family.

This holiday I received an unexpected gift from the Universe, a pristine pheasant carcass! This pheasant was killed by an owl in nature, no animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Inspired by a bit of silliness and the urge to dress up in ridiculous garb and make-up I photo-documented the plucking of my beautiful bird as an homage to death metal and satanic sacrifice. So, as a disclaimer: I am NOT a Satanist, nor do I condone ritualistic slaughter of animals unless it is a part of YOUR culture and rituals in which case you probably do not have the Internet.

I listened to Mastodon Blood Mountain while taking these photos, I suggest you do while looking at them. Listen to it on Spotify!

the 'sacrifice'

the get up

 the make-up
the fruits of my labor

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