2012 Divine Inspiration

The past few days have been a creative blur (see previous blog post ritual & sacrifice), I've been having a ton of ideas related to the biznaz side of my creating, side projects, fashion and pushing myself to just DO whatever comes to me with no fear or having to explain why (I do what I want!).

WHAM! this morning I wake up and like a possessed robot I pulled out all my inventory for Etsy and said, "NOPE." and proceeded to 2012-ify all of my collection. Whatever genius has decided to reside upon my head, thank you dear friend for this most productive visit, you can stay as long as you like.

My listings via Etsy are in process of being totally kick-ass, knock your shoes, socks AND pants off! I feel like a total madwoman but it's the best feeling to just be inspired and workandworkandwork until you have achieved your vision. As an artist you have to take the risk, your work is NOT precious it can be created again and again better each time.

Here's to 2012, getting weird, letting go and being completely in the nectar that is creation and inspiration. Get into it people, it might be our last one!

Here are some sneaky peeks at the newly designed stuffs, seriously excited to share this divinely inspired work!

the bunch

so fresh

so clean

Are you psyched? I am!

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