Photos & Figuring It Out

Spent today re-shooting my works and trying to get the best images to show size and texture. I'm enjoying the multi-faceted process and slowing down to do things right. Photography is something I struggle with and I really admire people who express themselves in that media, it doesn't end when the shutter clicks. Selling things online you have to have the best representation of your wares and the only way to do that is with really great, interesting and accurate photos. I'm learning...slowly...baby steps.

Here are a few of my redesigned altarpieces and I think they look pretty rad. The newly added patterns are reflecting the shapes, forms and motions of the images graphically. I really love very simple color schemes there's something to be said for things that are visually quiet.

Tarjani $40
Generosity $40

Varada Mudra $40

After these facelifted pieces are up on the old Etsy I will be turning my attention to a hanging mandala series.

I still really want to do a lovers series too and I got so many responses for suggestions I think I at least need to do one or two couples, there are just so many great stories! I think it would be hilarious to play with the idea of good vs evil too, opposites attract! If you can think of any lovers (or haters) leave suggestions in the comments.

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